August 2020

Point Cloud

Point Cloud Generation for Mapping and Scanning Industries

What is a Point Cloud? A point cloud is created by scanning an area with a 3D Laser Scanner. This scan is then imported into post-processing software (unless the desired accuracy is obtained in real-time), where errors are removed. After processing the data, modeling software is used where the clouds can either be geo-referenced to …

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Inertial Labs Product - Railway Motion Control Unit RMCU

RMCU – Railway Motion Control Unit

The Inertial Labs Miniature Railway Motion Control Unit (RMCU) Determines Absolute Position and Parameters of Motion for Any Railway Platform.

RINEX 3.02

GNSS Signal, Correction, and Constellations

Purpose: Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) such as GPS or BeiDou can sometimes have confusing terminology. This knowledge base document will explain some of the most commonly used terms regrading GNSS
Last Updated: September 2020

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