Maritime Applications

Marine Vessel Navigation

Motion Reference Unit (MRU) paired with Autopilot systems and controllers for navigation systems aboard vessels.

  • Single or Dual Antenna systems
  • Dual Antenna heading accuracy of 0.05 degrees (RMS)
  • 1 cm RTK position accuracy
  • 5 cm RMS heave accuracy
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Hydrographic and Bathymetric Surveying

Inertial Labs MRU Motion Reference Unit Application - Hydrographic and Bathymetric Surveying

Survey methods used for submarine topography to observe marine landscapes and structures.

  •  Motion Reference Units (MRUs) can be integrated with single beam or multi-beam echo sounders (SBES or MBES)
  • Industry-wide accepted sentence formats (NMEA and TSS-1)
  • 0.02 deg RMS pitch & roll accuracy

Ocean Characteristic Monitoring

Wave sensor monitors and records industry required wave statistics by communicating using RF in real-time to a base station.

  • Measures Wave Parameters (Significant Wave Height, Max Wave Height, Wave Period, etc.)
  • Generates spectral data as complete Fourier coefficients and energies set
  • Satisfies GNSS-enabled and GNSS-denied applications
Inertial Labs MRU Motion Reference Unit Application - Ocean Characteristics Monitoring

Autonomous Vessels

Inertial Labs MRU Application - Autonomous Underwater Vessels (AUV) and Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV)

Maritime navigation system for Autonomous Underwater Vessels (AUVs) or Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs).

• MRU-PDs high performance strapdown vessel navigation system
• ABS design assessed
• Many supported output data formats
• 3 cm Oceanix Nearshore Horizontal Position Accuracy
• ROS, LabVIEW, HYPACK, QINSY, & Inertial Explorer Support

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Dynamic Positioning on Research Buoys and Vessels

Wave Sensor (WS-PD) for Dynamic Positioning applications requiring common GNSS constellations.

  • Real time data transmission
  • Provides accurate Wave Characteristics as well as Heave, Sway, Surge, Pitch and Roll
  • Embedded fluxgate magnetometer
  • 0.02 deg RMS Pitch & Roll Accuracy
  • 1 deg RMS Wave Direction Accuracy
Inertial Labs MRU Motion Reference Unit Application - Dynamic Positioning on Research Buoy’s and Vessels

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