Motion Sensors for Marine Applications

Marine applications for inertial sensors Dynamic Positioning and Active Heave Compensation

Dynamic Positioning and Active Heave Compensation

Used for modular captive marine vessels (MCV) and helideck monitoring (HMS).

  • 5 cm / 5% Heave accuracy
  • 0.03° Pitch & Roll accuracy
  • TSS1, NMEA 0183 data format
  • 6 year re-calibration time
  • Affordable and competitive price

Ocean Characteristics Monitoring, Marine applications for inertial sensors

Ocean Characteristics Monitoring

Two models designed for above the surface of the water, and below the water (subsea). Mount to buoy’s or research vessels to monitor and record ocean data. User may optionally connect unit to buoy controller.

  • Monitoring Ocean Characteristics (Directional Width, Fourier Coefficients, Energy)
  • Individual Wave Specifications (Wave Height, Direction, Period)
  • Measuring Significant Wave Height, Max Wave Height, Wave Period, Wave Direction, Wave Energy, Fourier Coefficient
  • 5 cm Wave Height Accuracy
  • 0.1 sec Wave Period Accuracy
  • 0.5° Wave Direction Accuracy
  • 0.02° Pitch & Roll accuracy

Vessel Communication and Heave Compensation, Marine applications for inertial sensors

Marine Vessel Communication and Heave Compensation

Navigation parameters and heave compensation for loading and unloading cargo and maritime equipment.

  • System link multiple MRU’s for integrated telecommunications
  • Active heave compensation for Oil Rigs and swaying compensation platforms

Ocean Floor Mapping and Survey, Marine applications for inertial sensors

Ocean Floor Mapping and Survey

Ideal solution for maritime surveying. Used in hydrographic and bathymetric scans for riverbank and nearshore inspections.

  • Fully compatible with – SBES and MBES echo sounders
  • TSS1, NMEA 0183 data format
  • 1 cm position, 0.05° Heading and 0.03° Pitch & Roll accuracy
  • 5 cm / 5 % Heave accuracy

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