NovAtel Receiver Dual GNSS Antenna. Firmware.

Firmware update of the NovAtel receiver

Last Updated: September 2023

The article describes how to update the firmware of the NovAtel receiver onboard the INS. We recommend updating the firmware of the Inertial Labs device before updating the firmware of the NovAtel receiver. Please contact the Inertial Labs support team at for firmware update assistance.

The article information below is related to the Inertial Labs devices with the NovAtel receiver. The generalized name “INS” is used hereinafter for convenience and clarity.

To update the firmware of the NovAtel receiver, please do the following:

1. Download and install the NovAtel Application Suite(NAS). NAS is the NovAtel software that provides the possibility to update the FW of the NovAtel products. Please use the following link to download the NAS from the NovAtel website:

2. Download the NovAtel  firmware update pack. Select your NovAtel reciever model and download firmware update pack  on the official NovAtel website here:

3. Connect the COM2 serial port of the INS to the PC and run  NovAtel Application Suite (NovAtel utility downloaded in step 1).

4.  In  NovAtel Application Suite software, connect to the receiver. Press “Add device” button, enter connection name and select serial type of connection.  Choose the COMX port number (where X is the serial port number assigned by your OS) to which COM2 of the INS is connected and set the baud rate  460800 (regardless of the settings in GUI) and press “Add” button.

Fig.1 Connection to the receiver

6. Open the update utility in “Device” -> “Update”. Set the path to the firmware updating file downloaded in step 2 in the “Select file” field. Also, you can check the current firmware version in the update menu.  Figure 3 shows the necessary settings before updating start.

Fig.2 Updating menu
Fig.3 Settings for updating

7. Start the updating procedure by clicking the green “Apply” button. The firmware updating procedure will start. 

Fig.5 Firmware updating procedure

8.  To complete the updating, close the NovAtel Application Suite and power-cycle the INS. After the power-cycle, check the INS FW version in the “IMU” tab of the “Device options” menu of GUI and the receiver FW in the “GNSS receiver” tab of the “Device options” menu.

Fig.6 Updated receiver firmware version in the GUI

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