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Bentech Computer & Systems Corp Becomes Inertial Labs’ Sensor Technology Distributor in Taiwan

Bentech Computer & Systems Corp. is a leading technology distributor focusing on electronic components, rugged computers, special interface cards, sensors, and power converters in Taiwan. Bentech Computer & Systems Corp is the of Inertial Labs’ positioning, orientation, and navigation technologies in Taiwan.

Paeonian Springs, VA: A new partnership between Bentech Computer & Systems Corp and Inertial Labs signifies that it will add Inertial Labs’ positioning, orientation, and navigation products to its impressive list of electronic services and products. With a continued emphasis on quality, Inertial Labs strives to provide the most accurate, low-power solutions while maintaining the best price-performance ratio possible. With 30 years of experience in servicing prominent commercial, government, transport, and security industries, Bentech Computer & Systems Corp. is an asset to the Inertial Labs’ distribution network.

As a cutting-edge positioning and orientation sensor provider, Inertial Labs offers forward-thinking solutions that optimize the price-performance ratio, minimize size & power consumption, and maximize customer satisfaction. As a distributor of Inertial Labs’ sensors technologies, Bentech Computer & Systems Corp. will provide Inertial Labs’ entire catalog of Inertial Sensors to the Taiwanese Market. As a distributor of Inertial Labs products, Bentech Computer & Systems Corp will provide the industry with high-performance Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS), in addition to having access to the entire Inertial Labs product list to supply the correct solutions to a wide variety of applications. With their experience in providing products for various industries, Bentech Computer & Systems Corp. is well equipped to provide Inertial Labs solutions to Taiwan and its ever-growing need for sensors for unmanned vehicles.

Bentech Computer & Systems Corp. is a fast-growing technology distributor consistently expanding by partnering with various industry leaders across multiple applications. A new partnership with Inertial Labs is an investment in their inertial sensing technology and the Taiwanese infrastructure. Inertial Labs share a common vision emphasizing identifying opportunities for cost-efficiency, automation, and improved decision-making. Inertial Labs is very excited to work and grow with Bentech Computer & Systems Corp. in providing quality solutions for various applications.


About Inertial Labs

Established in 2001, Inertial Labs is the leader in position and orientation technologies for commercial/industrial and aerospace/defense applications. With a worldwide distributor & representative network covering 20+ countries across six continents, a standard product offering that spans from Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) up to full GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), and an application breadth that covers Land, Air, and Sea; Inertial Labs covers the gambit of inertial technologies.

About Bentech Computer & Systems Corp

In their 30 years of business, Bentech Computer & Systems Corp has had an exceptional sales record and maintained a stable financial structure for all their suppliers. Since its business started, Bentech Computer Corp. has consistently offered high-caliber services and products to its customers. The core values of Bentech Computer Corp are teamwork, innovation, and putting customers first. Every day, they aim to supply high quality, high performance, and reliable products and systems certified by ISO 9000 or military qualification.


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