Press Release: Inertial Labs and ABB Announce Integration of Inertial Labs’ MRU with ABB ACS880 Winch Drives

Inertial Labs, one of the most advanced motion sensors manufacturer, continues to diversify its MRU range by integrating MODBUS TCP protocol as a standard to communicate with ABB ACS880 winch drive.


ABB ACS880 winch drives for offshore applications now offer embedded software for applications involving Active Heave Compensation (AHC) and Roll Compensation in Towing. This eliminates the need for costly external third-party controllers and reduces wiring time and cost. Inertial Labs MRUs were selected as partners by ABB for offshore applications use for their innovation, R&D and support. Their Graphical User Interface (GUI) is user-friendly to efficiently configure the MRU, which offers superior performance for standard and customized applications. The combination of ABB ACS880 winch drives with Inertial Labs MRU enables ease of integration and requires no engineering time to develop communications allowing the user to concentrate on the application itself.


ABB ACS880 winch drive and Inertial Labs MRU communicate over Ethernet Modbus TCP protocol with a watchdog timer for  failsafe system. Each MRU can communicate with up to two ACS880 drives in parallel for redundancy or as master/follower synchronized applications.

Inertial Labs

Established in 2001, Inertial Labs is a leader in position and orientation technologies for commercial, industrial, aerospace and defense applications with a worldwide distributor and representative network covering over 25 countries across the continents.

ABB ACS880 Marine Drives

ABB ACS880 drives are marine certified by various marine agencies and offer reliable and accurate motor control with a large range of AC motors.

Inertial Labs MRU Motion Reference Units - ACS880 Industrial Drives ACS880-01, ACS880-07, ACS880 Multidrive - Modbus/TCP

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