Press Release: Local Business and Support in India with DILabs Partnership

A partnership that now brings the Inertial Labs business, technical support and marketing efforts locally to India.

Paeonian Springs, VA: Inertial Labs and India’s Datasol Innovative Labs (DILabs) new partnership means that India now gets local benefits from Inertial Labs well qualified products, business development strategies, technical support and marketing efforts all from a local supplier and partner. With a long history of aerial navigation platforms and a continuing effort into further reaching the marine and ground navigation industries, DILabs is well suited to be in such close partnership with the Inertial Labs team. DILabs is one of the very few companies across the globe and definitely one of the pioneer companies in India who have ingeniously designed a business platform for products with such high performance and technological designs.

As the leader in position and orientation sensor technologies, Inertial Labs offers the most innovative solutions representing the best value, smallest size, and lowest power consumption in their class. As a distributor for Inertial Labs’ Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS), both of which are IP67 enclosed solutions, DILabs can equip the aerospace and broader commercial industry with the best tools for their respective projects. Additionally, DILabs has access to all of the products in Inertial Labs’ catalog and can equip clients with top products, including Motion Reference Units (MRU), Inertial Measurement Units (IMU), and Wave Sensors (WS) for marine and industrial applications. Regardless of client needs, DILabs has the expertise to guide them towards the best solution for success.

DILabs Management, Business Development & Technical support teams are geared-up for this partnership and eager to develop further solutions together. Additionally, DILabs is confident that the Inertial Labs product line of orientation and positioning solutions will improve their ability to serve clients and meet expectations for delivering the best measurement systems in the world.

About Inertial Labs

Established in 2001, Inertial Labs is the leader in position and orientation technologies for both commercial/industrial and aerospace/defense applications. With a worldwide distributor & representative network covering 20+ countries across 6 continents, a standard product offering that spans from Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) up to full GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), and an application breadth that covers Land, Air, and Sea; Inertial Labs covers the gambit of inertial technologies.

About Datasol Innovative Labs (DILabs)

Datasol Innovative Labs (DILABS) incorporated in 2001, has been a frontrunner in the field of design, development, qualification and production of airborne quality systems for military applications viz. Smart Multifunction Displays (SMFD), Man Machine Interfaces, Inertial Navigation Systems, GIS solutions and Automated Test Equipment (ATE). The firm is uniquely positioned as one among the few high-end technology companies with excellent capabilities in designing and manufacturing Ruggedized Military and Avionics Systems qualified to Military standards. DILABS’ profound expertise that spans close to two decades now, is geared towards building innovative products leveraging the best of the technology for Aerospace, Military & Marine industry. The firm is an AS9100 D and CEMILAC (DRDO, India) Certified Company, which is symbolic of the company’s uncompromised focus on quality and demonstrates its steadfast devotion to what it envisions.

For further information contact:

William Dillingham, Application Engineer
+1 (703) 880-4222
Inertial Labs Inc,
39959 Catoctin Ridge Street, Paeonian Springs, VA 20129

Mr. Rakshak Patil, Manager – Business Development;
Mobile: +91-7899066954, Tele: +918046601700-796
Datasol Innovative Labs
#5AC-418, 1st Floor, 5A Cross, 2nd Stage,
Kalyan Nagar, HRBR Layout, Banaswadi,
Bangalore, 560043 India

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