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Press Release: SpanTech Technology Solutions is Now Spain and Portugal’s Distributor for Inertial Labs Technologies

Paeonian Springs, VA: A new partnership between Inertial Labs and SpanTech means that SpanTech will be adding Inertial Labs positioning, navigation, and orienting technologies to their impressive list of radio, microwave, millimeter wave, and satellite communication equipment and components. With synergistic solutions and well-qualified products, Inertial Labs provides cost-efficient systems with best in class performance and quality. Representing the world-leading manufacturers in the industry, SpanTech is the trusted name in communication equipment and components in Spain and Portugal.

Constantly on the cutting edge of the positioning and orientation industry, Inertial Labs offers the most innovative solutions while maximizing value, minimizing size and power consumption, and maintaining the utmost quality. Inertial Labs is at the forefront of developing and customizing products for exciting technologies in the defense, aerospace, construction, and marine industries. As a distributor of Inertial Labs’ vast catalog of positioning and orientation technologies, SpanTech can equip the Spanish and Portuguese orientation and navigation industries with the best tools for their respective projects. With their proven industry experience, SpanTech is well equipped to provide technical and customer support for Inertial Labs’ breadth of industry leading inertial solutions for air, land and sea applications.

With experience in the industry since 1992, SpanTech has been providing technical support and logistics management from initial design through sale and beyond for the components and equipment that they supply. Already representing some of the most advanced manufacturers in the industry, SpanTech is a valuable addition to our global distributor network. SpanTech is continually evolving to provide the best service to fulfill the customer’s most demanding requirements. SpanTech and Inertial Labs share a common goal of providing the highest quality products and services at an affordable price point so the customer can find the optimum solution for their application.

About Inertial Labs

Established in 2001, Inertial Labs is the leader in position and orientation technologies for both commercial/industrial and aerospace/defense applications. With a worldwide distributor & representative network covering 20+ countries across 6 continents, a standard product offering that spans from Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) up to full GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), and an application breadth that covers Land, Air, and Sea; Inertial Labs covers the gambit of inertial technologies.

About SpanTech Technology Solutions

SpanTech represents world-leading manufacturers of RF, microwave, millimeter wave components and satellite communication equipment in Spain and Portugal. Since 1992, they have been providing technical support and logistics management for the components and equipment they supply, from initial design through after sale. They strive to provide the best service, efficiently, economically, swiftly and professionally. They are continually evolving to fulfill your most demanding requirements.

About SpanTech

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