Man-Wearable Platform (MWP)

The Man-Wearable Platform for Live and Virtual Training and Simulation

Inertial Labs provides industry-leading orientation solutions with an uncompromising focus on products that represent the smallest size, lowest power, and lowest cost alternatives for their given performance class. Our hybrid sensor fusion algorithms allow virtually any position and orientation technologies to be integrated.

In addition to individual sensor systems, Inertial Labs specializes in the research and development of integrated systems with a specific focus on the military’s needs. With over ten years of government R&D experience in position and orientation systems, Inertial Labs delivers technologies for converging live training and tactical operations.


Inertial Labs Hardware
Weapon Orientation Modules (WOM / OptoWOM)
Subminiature Orientation Sensors
Linux Based Mobile Processing Units (MPU3D, wgMPU)
Sensor Bus Accessories GPIO, analog inputs, data logging, bus control, serial interface)
Full Body Motion Capture System (3D Suit)
Man-worn optical positioning system
Pedestrian Dead Reckoning Module
Digital Sextant Sun Tracker Celestial Compass
Hand and Finger Motion Capture System
Coupled Head and Weapon Tracking System
Integrated Hardware Technologies
Camera Systems
Altimeter, Barometer, Humidity, Temperature, Atmospheric Sensors
Lightweight Handheld Mortar Ballistic Computer (LHMBC)
Positioners: Ultrasound, Ultra-wideband, Optical
Head Mounted and Heads Up Displays
Instrumented Weapons
Small Arms Trainers
Structured Light Systems
Haptic Devices
Radios–WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee
USB Hubs
Laser Range Finders / Laser Target Designators
Biometric Devices


Inertial Labs Software
Linux / Windows Sensor SDK and APIs
Skeletal Control and Kinematics Software
Inertial based skeletal walking and dead reckoning algorithms
Hybrid sensor fusion algorithms (celestial, optical, inertial)
Magnetic Deviation Compensation Software
Demonstration, Test, and Evaluation software
Cursor on Target Weapon Barrel Orientation Software
Human Fall Detection / Prediction Software
Inertial / Optical Multi-object Position / Orientation Software
Gesture Recognition Algorithms
Integrated Software Technologies
Real-time animation plugins for Unity, VBS2, WorldViz, etc.
Biomechanics and human rehabilitation plugins
Real-time casualty assessment (RTCA)
Weapon Ballistics Calculation Software
Dismounted Soldier Training System Software (DSTS)
Motion Analysis Software
Motion Capture Software
Medical Training Systems
Human Health Monitoring
Consumer Game Systems

Resulting Technology End Uses

Live, Virtual, Constructive Training Systems
Medical Rehabilitation Systems
Full Body Motion Capture Systems
Medical Monitoring and Training Systems
Immersive Virtual Reality Gaming Systems
Augmented Reality Gaming Systems
Ergonomics Analysis Systems
Human Performance Evaluation
Indirect Fire Weapons Trainers
Call For Fire Training Systems (CFFT)
Blue Force Tracking
Forward Observer Augmented / VR Training Binocular
Sports science and Motion Analysis System
Industrial Training Systems
Dismounted Soldiers Training Systems (DSTS)

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