Weapons Orientation Modules (WOM)

mortar demonstration

Built for Military Performance

The WOM TM weapon orientation modules provides a level of performance previously unseen in the world of miniature 3DOF orientation systems. WOM TM employs the use of three axes each of gyroscopes, accelerometers, and magnetometers to track both slow and fast movements of weapons in real-time. It houses propriety calibration techniques for soft- and hard-iron interference that are specific to the different weapon classes on which it can be used. Calibrations are able to be performed quickly and easily by minimally trained individuals without requiring any precise movements.

The optical tracking within OptoWOM-II TM works through the use of reference images. A reference image is literally a picture of the horizon in a given direction. Within the reference image the system identifies a constellation of identifiable features. Then, from any subsequent image collected by the camera, heading is determined by comparing those images back to the most appropriate reference. As long as the system can identify 10% of a previously collected reference, it can provide an accurate assessment of the change in heading.

Take advantage of either one of these platforms with embedded features such as the ‘on-the-fly’ magnetic calibration, built-in point-light tracking capabilities, embedded weapon fire indicators, and available SDK packages.  

Available WOM Models

Use Cases for the WOM

The Inertial Labs Weapons Orientation Module (WOM) has been commonly used for the following applications.
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Weapon firing on tank

Weapon Aiming Systems

Typically comprised of a gun (M16, M4, M240, or M249) mounted to a pivoting surface any weapons aiming system needs to be controlled by tactical and reliable grade sensor solutions. With the MIL-STD rating in both vibration and shock the WOMTM and OptoWOM-IITM can handle extreme conditions including heavy grenade (M203 or M320) and mortar systems (M224, M252 or M120). Inertial Labs has partnered on many occasions bringing high-quality optically stabilized systems to the United States Military for weapon aiming contracts.

military weapon aiming

Remote Weapon Stations (RWS)

A Remote Weapon Station (RWS), or commonly known as a Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) is used as a military oriented fire-control system for both light and medium caliber weapons (30, 60, 81, 105 and 120 mm), from turret response systems to anti-tank weapon platforms. This remotely operated system can be used seamlessly as the main mission response sensor even in the line of fire. RWS are most commonly used in modern military vehicles this system features many additional sensors including: an IMU, Optical Aiding Data, GNSS receiver for heading calculations and object recognition software.

WOM mortar tube launch

Stabilized Fire Control (Day and Night)

Commonly used in reconnaissance or tactical response teams,  Fire Control is a method of aiming and firing projectiles where the operator does not rely on a direct line of sight between the target and the turret. Fire Control systems have now incorporated optical data to stabilize heading drift without the need of GPS/GNSS receivers. The OptoWOM-IITM by Inertial Labs was developed in response to the need for stabilized heading in both day and night operations even when there may be unavoidable local magnetic interference. Special algorithms have been developed especially for using the OptoWOM-IITM with artillery in the field.

WOM Demonstration

Inertial Labs demonstrates the operation and performance of its OptoWOM-II Weapon Aiming System.

Performance Characteristics for the WOM

WOM Heading, Pitch and Roll Accuracy

Note: Accuracy here is in degrees, not mils. The standard conversion rate is 1 mil = 0.05625°.

WOM Roll Accuracy WOM Heading Accuracy WOM Pitch Accuracy

WOM Development Kits

IP67 WOM Dev Kit

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