WOM – Weapon Orientation Module

WOMTM – Weapon Orientation Module

Designed and tested on weapons ranging from the M16 up to mortars and towed artillery, WOM’s unique calibration capabilities and performance make it a one-of-a-kind in inertial 3DOF orientation systems.

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OptoWOM-II – Optically enhanced WOM

OptoWOM-IITM – Optically enhanced WOM

OptoWOM-IITM is compact, reliable, low power, light weight, and affordable tactical North seeking and North keeping device, which is developing as alternative Azimuth solution to expensive and high power DTG, FOG, HRG or RLG based Gyrocompasses. OptoWOM-IITM as a hybrid inertial and optical Azimuth and Elevation measuring solution eliminates large errors inherent with classical Digital Magnetic Compass technology.

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