The Weapons Orientation Module (WOM)

Built for Military Performance

The WOMTM weapon orientation module provides a level of performance previously unseen in the world of miniature 3DOF orientation systems. WOMTM employs the use of three axes each of gyroscopes, accelerometers, and magnetometers to track both slow and fast movements of weapons in real-time. It houses propriety calibration techniques for soft- and hard-iron interference that are specific to the different weapon classes on which it can be used. Calibrations are able to be performed quickly and easily by minimally trained individuals without requiring any precise movements.

In operation WOMTM has embedded intelligence that allows it to assess each operational situation and determine the best means of providing accurate orientation output. When operating in a poor magnetic environment, WOMTM identifies this and adjusts its algorithms accordingly to maintain accuracy even in the presence of long term magnetic disturbances. When in a static position, WOMTM identifies this and adjusts its operation to both maintain accuracy and minimize power consumption at the same time.

Additionally, WOMTM has weapon specific algorithms that tweak its method of operation specific to the weapon on which it is mounted. WOM has been tested on mounted to and tested on each of its supported weapons.

Key Specifications
Azimuth accuracy: 3 mils, RMS
Pitch/Roll accuracy: 1.7 mils, RMS
Supported Weapons
Machine Guns: M16, M4, M240, and M249
Grenade Launchers: M203 and M320 (40mm)
Mortar Systems: M224, M252, and M120 (60, 81, and 120mm)
Towed Artillery: M119 (105mm Howitzer)


Datasheet in PDF

WOM Key Features and Functionality Below

  • Weapon specific magnetic calibration techniques
  • Dynamic magnetic disturbance compensation
  • Extendable sensor fusion algorithms for added inputs
  • Automated power saving
  • Embedded weapon fire indicator
  • Compact design
  • Real-time, zero latency 3DOF orientation tracking
  • Compensated raw data for acceleration, rate of turn, and magnetic field
  • Up to 100Hz data update rate
  • Full temperature calibration of all sensing elements