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Requesting Additional Logs from Receiver for INS

Purpose: To instruct on how to request additional logs from the internal receiver on the INS.
Last Updated: Aug 19, 2020

NOTE: Inertial Labs does not guarantee the correct operation of the INS when the customer requests additional logs from the receiver. This is responsibility of the customer.

To request the additional logs from the COM2 and COM3 from the receiver, please do the following:

  1. Power on the INS and wait until the LED changes to red (or green in the case of auto start).
  2. Connect to the COM2 of the INS and send the following command to the receiver using any serial port terminal (like RealTerm): FRESET
  3. Wait approx 20 seconds and request all required additional logs for COM2 and COM3
    For example:
    Log COM2 GPGGA ontime 5
    Log COM3 GPRMC ontime 5
  4. Send log in order to save the additional logs:
  5. Power-cycle the INS.

NOTE: Again, this operation is at the expense of the customer and should only be tampered with if you are willing to accept responsibility.

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