Reset and Request of the NovAtel receiver

Reset and Request additional logs of the NovAtel Receiver

Last Updated: June 2023

Learn to reset and request additional logs of the NovAtel receiver by taking the highlighted steps. This process is tailored for experienced users who understand the intricacies of GNSS technology.

Please follow the instructions with meticulous care, as altering the configuration of the GNSS receiver carries the potential to significantly impact the INS (Inertial Navigation System) performance if executed incorrectly. By adhering to best practices and mastering this procedure, you’ll harness the full potential of your NovAtel receiver and bolster the reliability and precision of your INS data. Safety, accuracy, and expertise is key in this endeavor.

To request the additional logs (in this example, it is GSV), please do the following:

  1. Connect to the COM2 of the INS (XS4 upper DB9 connector) on your computer using any serial port terminal (for example RealTerm). Check at the Device Manager window (Control Panel/System and Security/System/Device Manager), which СOM port number was assigned by the Windows system.
Step 1: Connect

At RealTerm set the appropriate COM port number and baud rate and click Open:

Step 2: Set Up
  1. Power on the INS and wait until the LED color changes to red or green (in the case of the Autostart mode).
  2. When the connection is established, please go to Send tab and enter the following command to the GNSS receiver:


Enable +CR and +LF and click Send ASCII

Step 3: Send
  1. Wait approx. 10 seconds. If there was any data flow on the COM2, it should stop after the command from step 3 is received. If your goal is only to factory reset the receiver, proceed to step 7.
  2. After the FRESET command is received by the GNSS receiver its baud rate is set to default – 9600 bps. Please change the baud rate in the serial port terminal to 9600 to allow a receiver to get the commands.
Step 4: Port
  1. To make the receiver output GPGSV messages, send the following commands to the receiver:

LOG COM2 GPGSV ONTIME X – if you want to receive GSV message on COM2, X – is the period


LOG COM3 GPGSV ONTIME X – if you want to receive GSV message on COM3, X – is the period.

Step 5: Send Command
  1. Send the following command to the receiver to save the changes:


  1. Wait 10 seconds and power-cycle the INS unit. Please rerun the INS; you will get a GSV message on COM2 or COM3.
By diligently following each step as demonstrated, you can not only ensure the successful execution of the NovAtel receiver reset and request for additional logs process but also enhance your proficiency in managing this vital aspect of the system. This approach guarantees a smoother operation, reduces the likelihood of errors, and maximizes the efficiency of your NovAtel receiver. With these steps at your fingertips, you’ll have the confidence to optimize performance and unlock valuable insights from your receiver logs.

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