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GNSS Signal, Correction, and Constellations

Purpose: Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) such as GPS or BeiDou can sometimes have confusing terminology. This knowledge base document will explain some of the most commonly used terms regrading GNSS
Last Updated: September 2020

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Mitigating Large Position Errors in INS/MRU/WS with GNSS Receiver

Purpose: The purpose of this Knowledge Base article to is outline a few commonly seen issues and fixes that surround large GNSS position errors seen internationally. It is important to note that these issues are not at the fault of Inertial Labs products, but satellite line of sight issues, and satellite correction services.
Last Updated: March 2020

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Inertial Navigation System Data Flow Chart

Purpose: The purpose of this Knowledge Base article is to show how information is used from respective sensors inside the Inertial Navigation System. Although a complex product, this diagram breaks down the different functions and explains how data is used and how it can be accessed on the device.
Last Updated: March 2020

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Maximum Cable Length vs. Data Rate

Purpose: To list out the different commonly used cables, and their corresponding maximum data rate given the length of the cable. These values are based off of estimated ideal conditions and should be interpreted with understanding that in real world applications results may vary.
Last Updated: February 2020

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Do I Need a Vibration Dampener?

Purpose: To provide insight into vibration dampening. This is only a recommendation by Inertial Labs. It is ultimately up to the user to decide for his/herself what the best solution is for their system.
Last Updated: October 2019

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Configuring Output Offset – Lever Arm for INS/IMU

Purpose: To configure the output offset in GUI; internally known as configuring “PV measuring point relative to the IMU”. This feature is to be used if the user wishes to output IMU data from another set point on the system. A common example would have the INS/IMU sitting near the CG of a aerospace vehicle, and you wish to compute position data for a fixed point located on the wing.
Last Updated: July 2019

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Configuring Device to Track Specific GNSS Constellations

Purpose: The purpose of this article is to show the steps to configuring usage of individual constellations, make sure to send these commands using an RS-232 connection and not to use Ethernet. It is critical that you follow these instructions carefully to not incorrectly configure the unit. If there is any uncertainty please consult a Customer Service agent. Developer options such as these may result in the Warranty of the device being voided.
Last Updated: September 2019

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