Wave Sensor
Wave Sensor
Professional Dual
WS-E EnhancedWS-PD Professional Dual
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Basic Output Signals
  • Significant Wave Height; Max Wave Height; Wave Period; Wave Direction; Wave Energy; Fourier Coefficient;
  • Directional Width; Mean Spread Angle; Heading; Pitch; Angular Rates (X,Y,Z), Accelerations (X,Y,Z);
  • Magnetometer Data; Temperature; Heave; Heave Velocity
Input Signals
  • Doppler Velocity Log; Gyro Compass; External Heading; External Position; External GNSS
Output Data Formats
  • Binary; TSS-1, NMEA 0183 ASCII; Kongsberg/Seatex; SMC; Teledyne TSS
  • Buoy; SBES/MBES; Doppler Velocity Logger (DVL); Helideck Monitoring System (HMS)
  • HYPACK; QINSY; Novatel Inertial Explorer software
Wave Characteristics
  • Fourier Coefficient Spectrum; Mean Spreading Angle; Directional Width; Long Crestedness Parameter; Mean Wave Direction Spectrum; Principal Wave Direction Spectrum; Average Wave Power; Number of Zero Crossings
InterfaceRS-232; RS-422; EthernetRS-232; RS-422; Ethernet
Position AccuracyExternal Source40 cm (DGPS)
1 cm (RTK)
Wave Direction Accuracy1 deg0.5 deg
Pitch & Roll Accuracy0.02 deg0.02 deg
Heading Accuracy0.6 deg0.05 deg

Inertial Labs has developed Wave Sensors (WS) to meet industry wave statistics requirements and also generates the spectral data as a complete set of Fourier coefficients and energies. Wave Sensors (WS) are an enhanced, high-performance strapdown Wave, Direction & Motion Sensors, that determines Significant Wave Height, Max Wave Height, Wave Period, Wave Direction, Wave Energy, Directional Width, Fourier Coefficients, Mean Spread Angle, Heading, Pitch, Angular Rates, Accelerations, Magnetometer Data, Temperature, Heave, Heave Velocity and Position for any device on which it is mounted.

The Inertial Labs Wave Sensor (WS) Units utilizes solid state 3-axes each of precision accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes and barometric sensors to provide accurate Wave Characteristics as well as Heave, Sway, Surge, Pitch and Roll of the device under measure.

The Wave Sensor (WS) can easily be integrated with a buoy or floating platform controller to transmit data in real time.

Through a combination of proven sector expertise and a continued investment in technological innovation, Inertial Labs delivers the optimum balance of price and performance ratio solutions for its customers.

Directional Spectra Graph
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